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Nici Skin Care

Glutathione Whitening Soap

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 What is Glutathione ?

Glutathione naturally occurs in the body. Recently, synthesised forms of glutathione have been added to soaps to whiten skin. In addition to whitening skin, glutathione soap is reputed to have anti-aging properties and to be good for the complexion.

What are the benefits of Glutathione soap?

Benefits Of Glutathione skin whitening soap helps in reducing skin pigmentation like freckles, age marks, acne spots, pigmented skin causes as a result of imbalance in hormones and other factors. Regular usage of this product will help in reducing hyper pigmentation, and reduce spots from occurring in future.

How to use Glutathione soap?
  1. Wet your face properly then apply the Glutathione Soap and gently massage on the face in circular motion.
  2. Let the skin get formed up nicely.
  3. After 2 to 3 minute, drench the face off with an adequate amount of clean water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
radhika K

Glutathione Whitening Soap

: sumesh Sunny
100% effective...

I love the soap....after shower,it makes me feel like I bought a new skin...My skin is glowing....Thanks alot

Amala Salvi
Previous Formulation

Hello Team at Nici Skincare,
I have been using the Glutathione soap since 2019 now and my skin has never been better. I would personally rate the soap at 4/5. it is that good. However, I have a suggestion to make. The previous formulation of the soap (Pre 2022) was BOMB and it worked on my skin better. I have previously written an email requesting you guys to bring back the previous formulation because it was tooo good, it made my skin even more brighter and softer. The current formulation is also pretty good but the previous one was slightly better. I hope you look into my request this time around and my suggestion is at least considered if not taken forward! I honestly love your soap and will use it for lifetime now. Please never stop manufacturing it. God bless your brand and I wish you all the best for future :)

Abdul Mk

Glutathione Whitening Soap

Vaishnavi Vaishu

Glutathione Whitening Soap

Venkatesh KN

Not excited as mush as i expected

Asma Begum
Gluthathione whitening soap

I would like to gve review on whitening soap ad vitamin c serum i still cant see any change in my skin

Rachna Ranjan

Glutathione Whitening Soap

Jyothi M

Very nice soap... makes skin looks better . Treats acne marks and clear spots

Zaid Sayed
Good to buy

Offer was nice for combo