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Natural and organic soaps are always better for Indian skin and are very healthy and environment-friendly. NICCI Tea Tree All Clear Soap will be perfect for the flawless skin that you have always desired. This cures all the body problems and leaves the skin healthy and soft. 

Tea Tree All Clear Soap - Nicci Skin Care
Tea Tree All Clear Soap - Nicci Skin Care
Tea Tree All Clear Soap - Nicci Skin Care

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  • NICCI Tea Tree All Clear Soap is a 100% natural and organic product and does not contain any SLS, Chemical, Synthetic Color, or Fragrance.

  • It helps in controlling excess oil and reduces acne.

  • It is 100% pure and cold processed.

  • The product is ideal for all skin types like dry, oily, combination, normal, or even sensitive.

  • Improves the skin texture naturally and gives a bright and glowing complexion.

  • Tea Tree Oil’s antibacterial effects may help control excess oil on the skin.

  • People can develop red, itchy, and scaly skin but by using Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar, these problems can be diminished in no time.

  •  It feels and looks good, inside and out.



  • Tea Tree Oil Soap helps in soothing dry skin by reducing any itching and irritation.

  • The antiseptic properties of Tea Tree contribute to combating oily skin.

  •  The anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil help in reducing the discomfort of itchy skin.

  • The antibacterial benefits present in Tea Tree Oil helps in healing any wounds.

  • Tea Tree Oil anti-fungal soap is used as a natural medicine for the skin to treat any skin problem like acne or scars.

  • Tea Tree Oil Facial Bar Soap can also be used for healing any cuts or wounds on the skin.

  • Tea Tree Oil Soap is best for sanitizing the body with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

  • It is known to be the best soap for removing dark spots and scars.

  • Tea tree soap is also known for removing dandruff or dry skin flakes that fall from the scalp.

  • With its antiseptic properties, Tea Tree Soap is best for reducing any chronic skin problem and reducing the chance of their reoccurring in the future.

  • Glycerine present in the tea tree soap moisturizes the body and gives a soft texture.

  • Tea tree extracts are the main component of the soap which helps in reducing any marks or bumps on the skin, it is also anti-inflammatory.

  • EDTA- BHT- DM Water is also present in the soap. 

How to Use

  • Make sure the whole body and hands are properly wet before using the soap.

  • Make a good lather on the skin with soap and properly massage it all over the body.

  • Wash the lather with clean water and dry the body well.

Customer Reviews

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It works somewhat better.

Debojyoti Banerjee
Tea Tree All Clear Soap

Effective product.Good for skin.

Aneesha Joshi
Tea tree

Good soap , excellent...i am very happy.

sabnam sumanrajput
Adorable 🥰

I love this so much 😍 trust me my family is fond of this soap 💕 we ordered it again the fragrance the softness is awesome 😍 thankyou best wishes for ur next upcoming products 😍

Fatima Tahreem

Tea Tree All Clear Soap

Ishika Datta

This is a nice soap for all purpose use. I use it daily.

Devi Lalithamba

Nice soap, after using this soap my face acne clear nicely.

Samuel Raj


Anjali Soren

Tea Tree All Clear Soap

Faiz Khan

Tell me manufacturing date of tea tree soap