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Rosewater is a magic ingredient everyone should include in their skincare regimen.We are here with our very own 100% organic Rose Face Toner Mist infused with natural-reactants: Rose Flower Extract and moisture-enhancing Rose Water to refresh and hydrate the skin. Get your hands on this toner and experience the amazing aroma of roses on your skin with intense hydration.

Rose Tonic Water - Nicci Skin Care

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  • Rose face toner mist is naturally based on rose water.

  • Rose water spray for face is formulated for all skin types whether it is oily, dry, combination, or even sensitive, it helps all skin types.

  • Pure Rose Water for face is not prone to any side effects and since NICCI Rose Face Toner Mist is 100% natural, no side effects are there.

  • This product helps in fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

  • This rose skin toner comes in an easy to use spray bottle which helps in sprinkling the rose water evenly on the face.

  • Natural rose essence is present in this toner which is helpful in enhancing the mood.



  • Rosewater for skin is versatile for every skin type whether it is oily, dry, combination, or even sensitive.

  • Rose face toner is treated as a secret weapon for skin in the skincare regimen.

  • Toner for oily skin is responsible for maintaining the pH balance of the skin and also controls excess oil.

  • The best toners for acne prone skin are infused with antibacterial properties which help in healing scars, cuts, and wounds.

  • Rose waters also possess astringent properties which help in cleaning the pore-sand tighten the capillaries, reducing redness and blotchiness.

  • Rosewater on skin is best for enhancing the skin texture.

How to Use

  • Before using the Rose Water Facial Toner, the face should be cleaned and dried 

  • Using the spray, the product should be evenly sprayed all over the face generously.

  • When the face is still wet, pat the face with fingers so that the rose water gets infused in the skin.

  • For best results, it is advised to use at both times of the day i.e. day and night.

  • And it should be used daily after washing the face and before the application of face cream.

Customer Reviews

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Anjali Bakoliya
Smells amazing like roses

It's very refreshing and hydrating. Smoothens the skin. I apply it throughout the day and especially after washing the face before applying a serum. It's a must buy for winters. I love it.




It doesn't have any rose smell as such feels like water but it helpd me with my open pores I see them reduced.

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