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Witness & Experience Real Glass Skin 

Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic ) - Nicci Skin Care
Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic ) - Nicci Skin Care
Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic ) - Nicci Skin Care
Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic ) - Nicci Skin Care

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  • Glass Skin Peel Serum enriched with AHA (Glycolic acid) helps you shed the dead skin cells.

  • Reveals newer & brighter layers underneath your skin.

  • Stimulates collagen production.

  • Improves Skin firmness.

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Unique concentrated formula helps you get that plumped, healthy-looking skin.

  • Helps soften fine lines and revives the skin’s natural radiance.

How to Use

  • At night, apply Nicci's Glass Skin Serum to clean and dry skin. Avoid applying to the eye area.

  • Layer under your favorite moisturizer or night cream before bed.

  • This serum may also be mixed with your favorite facial oil for a more gentle experience.

* Use this product every alternative night and increase frequency only if your skin tolerates it. *

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
samriddhi pandey
It's good

Product is good, working slowly but it's good...No reaction on skin...

mercy sartam

Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic )

rashdeep gabadia
Amazing product

Skin feels hydrated and wonderful after use

Nandini Singh

I love nicci skin care products i really love using lip care set and the b lip and cheek tint

Shazia Shafi

Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic )

Monika Lollen Gamlin
Glass skin prem serum

It's too good.. It's helped my skin to look clean n mke it look fresh


Glass Skin Peel Serum ( Glycolic )

Anushri Pandey
Glass skin peel serum

Smoothens the texture of skin. Works best for me

Shivangi biswas
Glass skin peel serum

I actually liked this serum...I have used many in the past but this one seems to work on my skin...I can see glow, my tanning is almost gone, no breakouts, no irritation. Fr the 1st few days of usage I saw skin coming out from nose.. I guess that was a real peel thingy...I really love this. Will definitely continue this one..thank u NICCI, you never disappoint me❤😍

Sabir Swargiary

It's a very good product. I don't actully remember like since when i exactly started to use Nicci's products. But i do remember that it was since 2019, i got lip gel, eyelashes & brows serum, lips scrub, i was continuously using vitamin C face serum, ND vitamin C face wash, then that ice cream face mask or cream idk, i just use it before bath (i apply it on my face ND do massage for 3/4 minutes then leave it for next 30 min before bath).... Then i use ur face toners, tea ND watermelon ones...well it had burned my eyes several times, i cried a lot CZ of those toners...LOL butt still idk y i lub them...ND ya last but not the least night gels ND red chicks glose ughhh just lub them...ND now I'm in love wid this glass skin peel serum ND that orange one (kinda same bottle wid this glass skin.....)
ND all the well wishes guys...tons of love for u all...u r doin great...ohh wait can u just increase it's amount a little or lower price...CZ I'mma student plus part time worker so it's really hard for me to afford it... sometimes i gotta wait for 10/17 days with out face serum...plus I'm also not using any other products since i lubbb Nicci's products a lot....
May be it's kinda embarrassing but please please please....do something if u can... please