Vitamin C Face Gel

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🤩Get 10x Lighter Skin
in Just 4 Weeks🤩

100% Clinically Safe With Pure Vitamin C Extracts

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Why Your Face Needs Vitamin C ?

Vitamin C Face Gel Skin Brightening  Booster 
NICCI helps you attain - a well-hydrated, glowing & brighter skin.

Vitamin C  - The main ingredient in this face gel,  is known to protect the skin from inflammation and blemishes.

Boost production of healthy collagen in your skin tissues. Nourishing properties that it possesses makes NICCI Vitamin C Face Gel-Skin Brightening  Booster stand out among the best face creams or popular face gels in India.  

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Q. How does Vitamin C Face Gel help your skin?

A. Vitamin C has powerful skin lightening agent and exhibits anti-oxidizing properties.

It repairs skin by neutralizing free radicals, protects your skin from UV (Ultraviolet) rays and prevents photo-ageing.

Regular usage of Vitamin C brightens your skin tone 10X and reduces signs of ageing.  

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Customer Reviews

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Meena Karthik
Awsome product...

After using vitamin c gel... My skin looks fresh and hydrated, prevent tanning, my skin is glowing... Yesterday only my mother came to my house, she says my skin is glowing and looks shiny.. And reduces my acne scars, improving my skin tone.... Yeah it's really a magic... Thank u so so much... I give u 5 star

Santoshkumar Biradar
My experience

Product is superb.. . Completely renovated my skin.. Highly worth to buy.. I love this products and would like to buy it on regular basis.. Thank you very much.. Looking for special discount.. Love this.. Thanks for sending such a fabulous product.
Would love to give all stars without second thought

Mega Jamatia

Nicci Vitamin C Face Gel - Skin Brightening Booster

Stanzin Ishey

Product still not reached

Depesh Adlakha

Nicci Vitamin C Face Gel - Skin Brightening Booster

Mahesh Dangle

Nicci Vitamin C Face Gel - Skin Brightening Booster

girja parmar


Good but cause pimples.

It is good but it cause lot of pimples. So i apply it alternate day. If ur skin is oily then dont use it. It will definetaly cause lot of pimples for sure.

Akankshya Rout

Nicci Vitamin C Face Gel - Skin Brightening Booster

Prasad Prasanthi

Nicci Vitamin C Face Gel - Skin Brightening Booster