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Love Your Nails a Little Extra


  • Repairs nail internally and nourishes with a strong growth

  • Unisexually used for both Women and Men for strengthening nails

  • Water & Oil Balance

  • Encourages nail growth, eliminates brittleness, protects against splitting and tearing

How to Use?

Why Would You Use the Nail Serum Oil?

  • Miracle serum treatment eliminates brittleness, makes them smooth.

  • Makes your Nails Healthy and Beautiful

  • The main ingredients of this serum are Milk Proteins, Vitamin E & C, and Aloe Vera Gel, which work together to give healthy and beautiful nails.

  • NICCI nail serum oil is 100% organic and healthy.

  • This miracle serum treatment eliminates brittleness, protects against splitting and tearing, and encourages growth.

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