Growth & Strength Nail Serum Oil

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Why you need Nail Serum Oil?

Everyone likes their nails to be beautiful, long and strong but it can be quite challenging to maintain nail health like that. NICCI has come up with a solution: Growth and Strength Nail Serum Oil to help protect the brittleness of nails and make them strong and beautiful.

How to use?


  • Nail serum oil is suitable for every nail type and all men and women.

  • The main ingredients of this serum are Milk Proteins, Vitamin E & C and Aloe Vera Gel, which work together to give healthy and beautiful nails.

  • NICCI Nail Serum oil is 100% organic and healthy.

  • This miracle serum treatment eliminates brittleness, protects against splitting and tearing and encourages growth.

  • Application of cuticle oil circulates blood and stimulates nail growth.

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