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Are you searching for the best sesame seed hair oil brand online? Don’t worry! Here on the official Website of NICCI, you will find what you are looking for. The Sesame Seed Hair Oil by NICCI truly is a boon to your hair fall problems such as Greying of hair, Hair loss, Dry, Frizzy, Dull hair, and so forth.

Hair Type: 

Grey, Damaged, Dull, Frizzy Hair, Hair Suffering from Hair Loss/Hair Fall.

Hair Concerns: 

Greying, Hair Loss, Slow Hair Regrowth Process, Dry and Dull Hair

Sesame Seed Hair Oil - Nicci Skin Care
Sesame Seed Hair Oil - Nicci Skin Care
Sesame Seed Hair Oil - Nicci Skin Care
Sesame Seed Hair Oil - Nicci Skin Care

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  • It is an optimum solution to the hair greying problem as its melanin content deeply transfixes into the hair follicles making the hair look black.

  • The blood circulation level also increases beneath the hair scalp.

  • Its Vitamins and minerals prove themselves incredibly beneficial in strengthening the hair.

  • Moreover, the hair regrowth process is also uplifted eventually leading to an increase in the length as well as the thickness of the hair.


How to Use

All you gotta do is just apply it without applying harsh or vigorous pressure and massage it mildly and slowly on your scalp.

Lastly, After 20 minutes, drench the hair with ample water.

Customer Reviews

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Radhika Goenka

Sesame Seed Hair Oil

Mk Mahesh


Mohd Khaleel
Sesame hair oil

I have used this oil, it's been a good since I started using this oil, I used this oil after I shaved my head, I found new hairs, but I wanted to see after growing like Big hairs it remains gives me a same results, let's hope,. does it controls hairfall also please let me know? So I am giving 3stars, after using more n more then for sure 5 star.

Vaishnvai Mishra

Love the product

Divya Saikumar

Sesame Seed Hair Oil

Patel Donika M

Sesame Seed Hair Oil

Apoorva Bharti

It's been a while since I've used this product.It is really effective for frizzy hair and dandruff control. It would prevent further greying of hair , not turn grey hair to black .

Margaret Pame

Good product. My hairfall has reduced after using this oil. M hoping for more improvement after I completely used one bottle.

Tengchi Michelle W Momin

Sesame Seed Hair Oil

Likha Nelly

Sesame Seed Hair Oil