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Sunscreen hydrogel is a rescue product for all those suffering from severe sunburn or who are afraid to step out in the sun. It is a 100% natural and organic product free from paraben, sulfate, and phthalates. Get your hands on this newly launched Sunscreen hydrogel for an amazing experience and get out in the sun without thinking twice.

Sunscreen  Hydro Gel - Nicci Skin Care
Sunscreen  Hydro Gel - Nicci Skin Care

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  • Sun cream is an agent that will protect the skin from the damaging and powerful sun rays. UV smart sunscreen gel has the power to eradicate sunburns from all skin types. It is suitable for all ages, and genders. 

  • There are two types of harmful sun rays: UVA and UVB. The rays which are responsible for skin aging, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and make the skin look older are the UVA rays. These rays can even affect a person through a glass, i.e. while driving, sitting by the window.

  • Both of the rays can cause cancer of the skin, i.e. They are carcinogens. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in the best sunscreen lotion to reduce the cancer-causing chances.

  • The rays responsible for sunburns are UVB rays, though they can’t pass through the glass but are still very harmful.

  • Gel-based sunscreen is beneficial for other reasons which include high moisturization, skin hydration, lack of breakout, and non-clogging of pores.

How to Use

  • Talking about how the sunscreen should be used, it is very important to wear a sunscreen lotion on every occasion that will be spent outside.

  • Even cloudy days can emit 80% of ultraviolet rays and can damage the skin with no sun protective layer. Sunscreen with SPF 30 can block 96% of sun rays which is best suited for Indian skin.

  • Sun protection cream should be applied at least 15-20 minutes before the exposure of skin to the sun.

  • Application of the cream should not only be limited to the face but should also be applied to all the exposed areas like hands, ears, and feet.

  • Sunscreen lotions are advised to be reapplied after every 2 hours for best results.

  • It is advised to throw a sunscreen lotion that has reached its expiry date or any change is noticed in the color or consistency of the lotion.

Customer Reviews

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Sunscreen Hydro Gel

Good..but leaves White cast wn applied too much..

Hi, ur Sunscreen is good..but the Sunscreen with new packaging it leaves White cast on d face which looks terrible as d white cast is noticeable..ur previous Sunscreen was good..I hope u will look into dis matter to improve ...thank u..

Ganesh Setty

Sunscreen Hydro Gel

Gauri Jain

Good sunscreen !! Non sticky formula

Nushrat Sahiba

Sunscreen Hydro Gel

Jyoti Dubey


Sunscreen hydro gel

It's really amazing nd oil free I used last 1 year . Tnq nicci



Julia Taikam

Sunscreen Hydro Gel

Arun Patil

Sunscreen Hydro Gel